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Monday, April 6, 2009

Modish Monthly Goal Meetup

I have really been enjoying the posts by Jena at Modish Biz Tips. Her thoughtful insights on creativity and business have been very much on target for me lately, and she has really made me reflect on my goals for my business ventures. Now she is challenging her readers to state goals for April, posted for all to see, to keep each of them accountable for following through on their to-do lists. On the first Friday of each month, participants in this "Monthly Goal Meetup" will check in and see how they did meeting their goals. I am hoping group motivation and support will help get me moving on business tasks that have been lurking on the back burner.

Gulp, I'm feeling a little nervous since it is already the second week of April and this week is going to be very busy with non-business activities. Here's hoping the universe will look kindly upon my public declaration of goals!

My short agenda for April:

1. Review all remaining items in The Filigree Garden's Etsy shop and decide which ones no longer fit in with my current creative vision (however murky that is at the moment). Renew those items that still feel like they belong, move some items to 1000 Markets, and mark some for either storage or to be taken apart and redesigned.

2. Decide what to do with my Rescued Beauty Etsy shop, which is temporarily on hiatus.

3. Complete consignment order which is due mid-April (eek!). This involves choosing which items to offer, making a few new designs, and packing it all up for May 1 delivery.

4. Complete the jewelry that is in process on my work table.

5. Design two coordinating pieces of jewelry for wholesale customer.

6. Photograph and list new items that have been completed. Try to improve lighting in light box for a slightly softer, more romantic look.

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