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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog Housekeeping

Those little details of life that relentlessly pull you here and there seem to have gotten the better of me lately. My housekeeping, both on and off the internet, has been lacking. Eventually all those forgotten duties pile up to an extent that a tiny digital dust bunny becomes a huge, looming snow ball threatening to steam roll over everything else.'s time to clear out the cobwebs and get back to speed on blogging.

Today's first order of business is to express my thanks to thank a few people who have featured my work and my Etsy shop in the last week.

Fellow Twitterer Altered-Gypsy gave me a nice item spotlight in two of her blogs: My Gypsygoods highlighted my Zen and Faerie Flowers necklaces, which both use artisan beads and pendants as focal points, and Altered Events showcased my Victorian Bride and Secret Diary necklaces. I'd like to invite you all to visit her shop,, to browse her collection of handmade "unique, fun, fantasy, costume artwear" such as lace chokers, garters, fanciful feathered hats, hair combs, and cuffs. Her second shop, Gypsygoods, offers a variety of bags, tags, buttons, and seller shop supplies.

Hand stitched layers of lace are added together to create a unique victorian inspired choker
from Altered Events

Another surprise was being included in Jai's weekly top 20 favorite jewelry picks on the blog I was very thankful to have my Copper Dahlias necklace displayed amongst so many other wonderful jewelry selections. Jai is a talented jewelry artisan. She offers her work on Etsy at, and on her own website, Her jewelry includes pieces created with sculpted solder, gemstones, wire work, scrimshaw, polymer clay and porcelain.

Rare vintage aquamarine
blue glass unfoiled stone framed
in hand-sculpted silver solder
th a silver plated bail
Jai Johnson

Some of my favorite handmade elements to use in creating jewelry come from the artful hands of Zuda Gay, who makes very beautiful flowers in polymer clay and offers them in her Etsy shop, Every piece of jewelry in my recent shows that included a "Zuda flower" drew lots of attention from visitors to my booth. There is something magical about her polymer designs. Zuda was recently featured on World Artisan Gems as a talented and emerging artist to watch. I heartily agree with this selection! I'd like to extend a big thank you to Zuda for mentioning me in her interview as one of two of her favorite jewelry artisans. I was humbled to be included in her list! Zuda's lovely creations have inspired me to create some of my favorite pieces.

One of Zuda's polymer clay flower pods drips with dew made of
silver-wrapped Czech glass beads in amethyst
and clear vintage Czech crystals in my
Faerie Flowers necklace.

Finally, my blog was honored with this Butterfly Award given by agoodwitchtoo on her blog, The Copper Cauldron. Thank you! Make sure you check out The Copper Cauldron at Etsy to peruse agoodwitchtoo's fine selection of handmade soaps,

As recipient of this award, I am obliged to pass the love on to 10 other bloggers whose blogs deserve some attention. So...

The awards go to:
1. Magdalene Jewels
2. On a Whimsey
3. Mystic Mooma Makes Things
4. Word Walks
5. Joonbeam
6. Beth Peardon Productions
7. Nuvo Felt
8. Dreaming Spirals
9. Jai Johnson
10. My Gypsygoods

Now those receiving the awards are urged to do the following:
1. Post a copy on your blog.
2. Mention who gave you the award.
3. Pass the award on to 10 others.
4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know the honor has been bestowed upon them.

Well, housecleaning can be exhausting!
Next, I'll update you on what I have been doing for the last month. Stay tuned.

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